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About Authenticity

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The term ‘authenticity’ was seldom mentioned over a decade ago. Now it is one of the buzz words of the 21st Century. It is used by generations from millennial to baby boomers…authenticity crosses all ages and ethnicities. It is a popular concept with varied meanings.

The young Millenials relationship to authenticity is referenced by George Kelleher-Bianchi in The Milennial Review, (

The Millennials seek authenticity everywhere and anywhere that they can find it. Whatever it is that they want, they want it to be real, fresh, organic, locally-grown, fair-trade, and sustainable. They avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, artificial flavors. They don’t want genetically modified fruits or vegetables. They want meat that is antibiotic-free, steroid-free, cage-free, and free-range. Which is only natural, given that authenticity may be the only thing that Millennials have ever been denied. Thus, the Millennial yearning for authenticity is nothing more than a protest of the counterfeit culture of their parents’ generation.”

Yet their parents and grandparents also seek authenticity. According to the website,

“Authenticity …living through the Sixties and beyond has caused Boomers to crave genuine experiences that make them feel fully alive and connected to others, as well as their deepest roots.  Their search for authenticity is inextricably interwoven with their search for meaning and happiness.  Learn to tap into these primal values, and you’ll be communicating with their souls.”

As humans we are all seeking what is real. It is part of our soul, an expression of our spirit and a genuine component the human experience.

And as authenticity touches many age groups, it also touches other aspects of life. On one hand authenticity refers to retail products like clothes or jewelry. A quick walk through ‘knock-off’ retail stores will show how designer purses, watches, clothes, shoes and other products are manufactured as ‘authentic’ when in fact they are not. This also applies to sports memorabilia that must pass the test of authentication – validating that the item is an original and not a fake.

For purposes of this website and discussion, we use the term authenticity to refer to humanity and our quest to find and be our true selves. We see authenticity as the full expression of the true self. It’s knowing your natural gifts and talents and constructing your life decisions more on meaning than on money. Authenticity puts people over profit.


On this site the terms ‘authentic’, ‘authenticity’ and ‘authentic voice’ generally mean the same thing. You will see these words used interchangeably.

Basically ‘authentic’ refers to being real, not false or copied but genuine, sincere and trustworthy.

‘Authenticity’ is the degree to which one is authentic, with a specific focus on being true to one’s personality, spirit or character – despite the influence of external pressures such as society.

‘Authentic Voice’ refers to the essence of truth within the individual. It is grounded in the spirit and character that makes up the individual, their purpose and personal gifts and talents that are uniquely their own. Authentic Voice is like the seed of the individual, the root of purpose and meaning.

Seeds of Authenticity

When you think about it, the things that are created by nature generally have a seed within them. Apples, cantaloupe, peaches and most other fruit have seeds that you can put in soil, nurture and grow. The same is similar for humans. Women provide seeds from their ovaries and men provide seeds with sperm which when joined become human.

But there’s another seed that lives within humans. This is the seed of purpose and what I refer to as ‘authentic voice’. Each one of us has an authentic voice which is the basis of our purpose on the planet. How are you nurturing your seed?

Authenticity occurs when our seed is nurtured. When we find the seed within us, live our lives in ways to develop the seed then express it in ways that are authentic to us, we have achieved authenticity.

When we nurture this seed we become authentic. The seed is the foundation for authenticity.

Some people share their seed by writing, teaching, speaking or otherwise sharing. Creative people are really focused on sharing the seeds of inspiration that move them to create Through the seed of their authentic voice we are blessed with beautiful artwork, original designs, compelling literature, new ideas and all types of creative expression.

No matter who you are or how creative you are or are not, you still have a seed within that represents your authenticity, your authentic voice.

Time to Embrace Authenticity

Whether you are a millennial, a baby boomer or somewhere in between, it’s time to choose authenticity. It’s time to have the soul to soul conversation with yourself. It’s time to uncover elements of yourself that compliment your authentic voice. It’s time to choose to be authentic.

The choices you make today impact your tomorrow. Authenticity is the path for greater meaning in life coupled with earning income doing what you love – Your True Self, Fully Expressed.

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