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Extreme Thought


          We all have the gift of independent thought – what a blessing! Interesting though that we are often judged by the independence of our thought. Some people function best within expected norms of their culture. Others live outside of the box following a different drummer. I have a very good […]

Dreams Do Come True


              One of my long-term dreams is coming true next month! For some time, I have admired the California Women’s Conference. It’s a major women’s conference that occurs annually at the Long Beach Convention Center. Multiple top-notch speakers are featured each year and this event has always been one […]

Root Canals


            Today’s post is late and it is my fault. This morning I’ve been pondering what to do about my tooth. I woke up last Friday with a pain in one of my lower left molars. By the end of the day I decided to go to the dentist thinking […]



        I woke up this morning to the word ‘believe’. It was related to North Carolina’s NCAA championship win yesterday. This is a word that is used on the Authenticity Grid, so I immediately decided to use it for today’s newsletter. I only heard a brief part of the morning dialogue and […]

  Have you ever asked yourself, why bother? This was a question I asked myself many times when I was a child. I didn’t understand life and wondered why adults did some of the things that they did. From what I could tell, life was a challenge, a series of problems to solve. Then, after […]