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Have you ever considered the relationship of authenticity to energy – personal energy? We each have a personal energy. It’s the spirit that flows within us. Some of us recognize this energy and develop it. Others suppress it because they don’t acknowledge it or are uncomfortable admitting that it exists. Being authentic means that you […]

                Happy Valentine’s Day!! I hope your Valentine Day is full of love, laughter and joy! It’s a day to share with those you love and the number one person for you to love is yourself. Your value to those you love is challenged when you do not […]

        Have you ever considered that everything you have learned in life is wrong? I know this is a strong statement and maybe not everything is wrong. But what if much of what you have learned is wrong? This is the position I found myself in when I was 28 years old. […]

If the people lead, the leaders will follow. This is a phrase I picked up almost 20 years ago. I’m not sure what was going on then but undoubtedly it was the usual unrest that greets us from time to time. It seems like we are entering a period when the people truly need to […]

This year I have made a commitment to expand my leadership role in the world. My work for so many years has focused on authenticity and helping people be better leaders and communicators. The challenge with all creative people is how to get their work out in the world. This year I will be conquering […]