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More on Regrets


Last week I wrote about regrets and asked that you share a regret that you have had. Thank you to those that responded. I really appreciate it!! For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing a little research and asking this question quite a bit. My intent is to compare the answers of those I […]

What do You Regret?


Recently I have been talking to people about their life and how it is turning out. In the process, I’m learning the regrets that people experience. I’m finding the dialogue very interesting. Some people regret not spending more time with family and friends. Time gets away from all of us occasionally. When we look up […]

Permission to Be Self


              Happy Birthday Grandson Akeem! Recently I realized that my grandson is a perfect representation of authenticity with what is going on in his life now. I’m excited to share it today because yesterday was his 15th birthday! Akeem was in my day-to-day when he was very young. I […]


The path to authenticity is not always an easy one. Recently I spoke to a corporate group and shared the concepts of authenticity, children’s spirituality and natural gifts and talents. I was absolutely thrilled with how receptive they were to my message. They were hungry for it. Apparently, they had not met such concepts before. […]

Eclipsing Authenticity


            Did you follow the news about the total eclipse that took place yesterday? We are in an unusual place in time to be able to witness this very rare event. It was spectacular on television and it must have been an exceptional experience to watch it live with a […]