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If you are a coach, you should know about WBECS. World Business and Executive Coaches Summit (WBECS) is a global organization that offers annual summits to raise the quality of coaching internationally. Each year they offer free pre-Summits to introduce coaches to new ideas and popular coaches from around the world. I’ve had the honor […]

Public Speakers


                Twenty years ago when I entered the professional speaking industry I didn’t realize I was becoming a part of an industry that has at its root – a desire to change the world. But I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve resonated with a change the world attitude for […]

Merging and Purging


      It seems like as we go through life we are either merging or purging. When we start our adult life, we can’t wait to merge. We look for new friends, new jobs, new relationships, children and many other ways of bringing people and events into our lives. We want to merge and […]

Leverage Your Value


    How are you leveraging the value you bring to the world? Recently I reviewed the business and personal accomplishments I’ve had since the start of my career. I was really surprised at how many things I had forgotten about. Decisions I had made that seemed absolute at the time are now viewed from […]

Authentic Gift for You


          It’s been a few decades since I started developing my authenticity brand. At the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was just following my inner voice and attempting to know myself better. Now, decades later, I can look back at my journey and feel great satisfaction of […]