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What Will You Do? I’m going to stop turning on the news when I wake up in the morning. Starting my day with news of violence and terrorism is not healthy. Instead, I will channel that morning energy into solutions and action plans that add value rather than fear. When I graduated from college several […]


What resonates with you – Human Rights or Human Dignity? If you have been following me for some time you are familiar with my work and my viewpoint. Now I’d like to know yours. How do you connect with the concept of human dignity and do you see its alignment with authenticity? My goal is […]


How Are You Using Your Gifts & Talents? The happiest people that I know are those who know their gifts and talents and use then in their day-to-day life. A lot of these people are entrepreneurs who use the freedom of being in business to fulfill their puspose and goals. How are you using your […]


Yesterday, an associate told me that since the Parkland shootings just a week ago, the Los Angeles Public School system has received almost 200 threats that had to be checked out. WOW!! It’s bad enough that the event took place, and that 18 similar shootings have taken place since the first of January, just two […]

 It’s Your Right to Be Authentic I was blown away recently when I learned that in the 5,000 years of recorded human history, there has been a universal focus on human rights for only 70 years. Until Eleanor Roosevelt spearheaded the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Until then, there was no global agreement […]