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Why Should You Make Use Of Mobile Monitoring App One of the things that produces us feel at ease as dads and moms is knowing in which our children are. Yet, frequently that is exactly what our little ones don’t want us to fnd out. Whatever your advantages for desperate to spy on or record […]

I’m Back from China


  Greetings, I have returned from my phenomenal experience in China. It was extraordinary! I am in the process of preparing the pictures to share with you. Hopefully I will have them ready next week. If you have interest in spending a month in China, Nepal or Bangladesh, teaching leadership to university students, you can […]

              Greetings, In case you hadn’t noticed…it’s an authentic pleasure to have you in my community! I truly value the ability to communicate with you by sending Genuine Authenticity information, updates, and offers directly to your inbox. I want to do everything in my power to ensure the feeling […]

How Authentic Am I?


How Authentic Are You? What does it really mean to live an authentic life? What happens to people who make the conscious choice to live according to the voice that leads from within? What does it mean to follow your own path? Is it hard to do? Have you done it? Of course there are […]

Are You Ready for Opportunities? Even though it might seem like it, I haven’t been excited about going to China. It was just a fact in my life that would take place in the near future. Now that it is less than a week away and I have successfully finished my projects, packed within the […]