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Extreme Thought


          We all have the gift of independent thought – what a blessing! Interesting though that we are often judged by the independence of our thought. Some people function best within expected norms of their culture. Others live outside of the box following a different drummer. I have a very good […]

Dreams Do Come True


              One of my long-term dreams is coming true next month! For some time, I have admired the California Women’s Conference. It’s a major women’s conference that occurs annually at the Long Beach Convention Center. Multiple top-notch speakers are featured each year and this event has always been one […]

Root Canals


            Today’s post is late and it is my fault. This morning I’ve been pondering what to do about my tooth. I woke up last Friday with a pain in one of my lower left molars. By the end of the day I decided to go to the dentist thinking […]



        I woke up this morning to the word ‘believe’. It was related to North Carolina’s NCAA championship win yesterday. This is a word that is used on the Authenticity Grid, so I immediately decided to use it for today’s newsletter. I only heard a brief part of the morning dialogue and […]

  Have you ever asked yourself, why bother? This was a question I asked myself many times when I was a child. I didn’t understand life and wondered why adults did some of the things that they did. From what I could tell, life was a challenge, a series of problems to solve. Then, after […]


          I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the relationship between credibility and authenticity. When I first started my journey into authenticity I researched the dictionary definitions of what it means to be authentic. What I found was pretty consistent. Almost every dictionary I researched defined authenticity as genuine, trustworthy and […]

Overcoming Blizzards


          I woke up this morning to news of blizzards on the east coast. It’s days like this that I am even happier that I moved from Michigan to enjoy the sunny skies of California. So often our language about ourselves reflects the language of the weather. We talk about having […]

Celebrating Women


          What would your life be like without the women who are important to you? We are already in March which is the month that the nation celebrates women. Who are the women you are celebrating this month? If you are a woman, are you celebrating yourself? So often we go […]


            When I started in business 20 years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook. If a business wanted to connect with others there were two primary options – telephone and snail mail. Of course, it wasn’t called snail mail at the time. It was the only type of […]


Have you ever considered the relationship of authenticity to energy – personal energy? We each have a personal energy. It’s the spirit that flows within us. Some of us recognize this energy and develop it. Others suppress it because they don’t acknowledge it or are uncomfortable admitting that it exists. Being authentic means that you […]