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Do Unto Others


What Happens When You Do Unto Others as you would have them Do Unto You?

In the last week three people from my past have come back into my life. To me, this is an indication of what happens when you treat people with dignity and it is also a reinforcement of how Karma works.

The first person I talked to is someone I hadn’t seen or spoken to in about 20 years. He was recently introduced to a project that needs speakers and he immediately thought of me. I’m so glad we had a valuable relationship in the past and look forward to what our future relationship will yield.

In another case, I ran into associate at a red carpet event on Sunday. I hadn’t seen him in almost ten years and when we connected, we immediately started talking about our common desire to help youth and how we could work together.

The third person was through an email message. She has been on the list for about a decade and reached out to let me know how much she enjoys it.

It’s a wonderful feeling when someone from your past remembers you enough to reach out, seek mutual opportunities, share knowledge and respect of each other, savor the past and look forward to what the future will bring. When these past connections show up in groups like this, it makes me think that something is brewing, beneath the surface, and starting to happen.

I’m committed to do a better job of ‘doing unto others’ because it does bring great Karma. I hope you are ‘doing unto others’ as well.

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