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Dreams Do Come True









One of my long-term dreams is coming true next month!

For some time, I have admired the California Women’s Conference. It’s a major women’s conference that occurs annually at the Long Beach Convention Center. Multiple top-notch speakers are featured each year and this event has always been one of the most popular for women in California. For many years it was hosted by Maria Shriver, when she was the First Lady of California.

Now it is produced by Michelle Patterson and her organization Women Network. In the past year I met Michelle and some of her team members and now I find myself a speaker at the event. I’m so excited!

What’s so exciting about the experience is that I didn’t have to pursue the opportunity. I was invited to participate.

So often, when we are in business, we are taught to aggressively go after our goals. We are told to make a plan and follow it and eventually we will reach our goal. This is great advice and a path that I have attempted to follow. Except that in my journey, no matter how specific or well-planned a goal is, it is often hard to achieve its success because unexpected obstacles often show up.

My goal has always been to fulfill my purpose, even when I didn’t know what it was. As a result, my plan has always been to follow my inner voice, trusting that it will lead me where I am supposed to go. Of course, some planning comes with this, however it’s not the aggressive pull but the gentle building of relationships that has driven success.

Sometimes the relationship building approach takes a little longer. It’s also stronger and longer lasting. And by building relationships you are inspiring the law of attraction to work. Taking the aggressive ‘make things happen my way’ approach leads me to competition and headaches rather than collaboration and cooperation. I prefer the cooperative approach, even if it takes a little longer.

When I find myself ‘invited’ to participate in any event, it is like a confirmation of being on the right path, doing the right thing, to fulfill purpose. It’s about being authentic.

How authentic are you on your path through life? Are you taking the aggressive approach to success or allowing success to embrace you? There is a time and place for each approach. Whichever approach you are taking right now, I hope it is aligned with your goals, your view of the world and your energy.

Most of all, I wish you success in making your dreams come true!

With Love and Authenticity,


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