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Extreme Thought







We all have the gift of independent thought – what a blessing! Interesting though that we are often judged by the independence of our thought.

Some people function best within expected norms of their culture. Others live outside of the box following a different drummer.

I have a very good friend who is like that. She recently made a radical move that has surprised most of us. She got rid of all her belongings, left the state of California and is preparing to live in a cave in Kentucky. Some consider her decision one of ‘extreme thought’.

It’s a very interesting decision that she has made. Her perspective on life has always been very spiritual. Even though I knew this, it became more evident to me as I helped her sort things and uncovered all the peaceful energy she surrounded herself with.

Her decision to move was based on two of the themes of her thoughts.

One is her desire for peacefulness. She saw so much confusion in the world and it troubled her. As much as she tried, she had difficulty finding enough meaningful people to quench her thirst for peacefulness and a deeper understanding of life. Instead, she saw too many inauthentic people who were shallow and uncaring. Many of them burying their feelings in jobs they don’t like and relationships that don’t work. My friend is authentic enough to accept this about herself and do something about it.

The second theme of her thought is her belief in some of what she reads on Google. Over the centuries there have been many, many theories saying that the world is coming to an end. She has been introduced to such a theory, believes it deeply and feels called to take action to prepare. Some have referred to this as ‘extreme thought’. But who knows?

Research has shown that the earth shifts, some say every 26,000 years. You can drive through a mountainous area and recognize signs that it was once under the sea. The north and south poles are undergoing changes. The weather seems to be getting stranger and stranger. And there seems to be growing war threats of varying degrees of potential destruction. Who is to say that my friend’s thought is extreme, or if she is just able to read and interpret signs from the Universe that most overlook?

When I worked around and wrote about preschool children, I learned that young children often have ‘extreme thought’. They often say things about a past life, or talking to God or what they are here to do, or other types of comments that would be considered extreme in many traditional cultures. However, research is also indicating that there is a natural gift called ‘existential’ that applies to people who have similar abilities.

Such ‘extreme thought’ is a gift that bears respecting. It’s through people who have and share their extreme views of the world that we grow. The foundation of our evolution is the growth of our views. I salute ‘extreme thought’ whenever I encounter it, and no matter how strange it may appear. It has some value and there is probably something I can learn from it.

What is the extreme thought that enters your life and what can you learn from it?

With Love and Authenticity,


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