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Authenticity touches many parts of life.

We focus on authenticity as it relates to human nature and apply it to

  • Personal transformation
  • Sharing your expert status as a speaker
  • Raising children

We are also developing other programs using the concepts of authenticity including the corporate environment. Come back often to see how we are expanding.

Right now you can receive up to five complimentary gifts in different areas where we have put authenticity in action. You are invited to enjoy one more of our free authenticity gifts.

Authenticity Assessment

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Take the Authenticity Assessment to discover your authenticity factor and how you can tweak your life to gain greater authenticity. When you complete the assessment you will receive a report with your Authenticity Factor. The report will give you a good overview of your current level of authenticity. You can gain even more knowledge by scheduling a complimentary one-on-one with an Authenticity Coach who will interpret the 16 different scores that the assessment reveals. After you take the assessment you will receive an email with instructions to schedule a valuable free session with your coach.

Authentic Tuesday Coaching Calls

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We host complimentary telecoaching calls every Tuesday at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET. These calls are hosted by one of the Authenticity Ambassadors or Authenticity Coaches. Our lively discussion focuses on the dimensions of authenticity and ways to transform your life. This is followed by a Q&A coaching session where you can ask any question you desire. In the process you will deepen your understanding of authenticity and learn from some of the industry experts we occasionally feature as guests. To register for Authentic Tuesday calls click here

Cash in on Your Authentic Voice


Are you an expert who wants to share your expertise in multiple ways – and get paid? Or perhaps you are a new or emerging speaker seeking success in the professional speaking industry. Or maybe you have a calling to use your authentic voice but are not sure of  your message, your delivery or your product. If you have a desire to share a message to a broad audience, this free audio will assist you to understand how you can cash in on your authentic voice.

Turn your expertise into new streams of income by cashing in on your authentic voice!

Raising Authentic Children

dowloadhere.fwYou can unlock the authentic spiritual genius of the children in your life. Did you know that every child is born with a unique set of natural gifts and talents that are the seat of the child’s authenticity, spirituality and genius? Gain an understanding of the spirituality of young children while discovering the secrets to helping your child connect to the gifts and talents that live within. Download the audio that will expand your understanding of the spiritual nature of young children.

The Nine Energies of Joy

dowloadhere.fwJoy is a natural result of becoming more authentic. When you get to know the real you your level of confidence, energy, joy and success increases. You owe it to yourself to live with authentic joy. When you align your joy energies you greatly increase the probability of raising your contentment in life. Learn how by downloading the complimentary audio.


Enjoy one or all of these gifts with our compliments.

Raise your level of authenticity and join us at one of our events soon.