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Growing Independence







Last week we celebrated the independence of the United States of America. I was in Washington, DC at the time and enjoyed the celebratory spirit of the nation’s capital.

Celebrations of independence are generally happy. When our children graduate from one school to another or out into the world, we celebrate their growth and pray for their success as they seek to find their own path to independence.

When we shift from one job to another with anticipation for a new way of doing things, we do so with hopes of retaining the independence of thought that is lost in some organizational cultures.

We are inspired by the hope that comes from marriages and sometimes divorces. Each represent new beginnings, new ways of viewing the world and new definitions of independence.

We celebrate our growth for many reasons and in many ways, all which we hope are paving the path for our future.

If you want true independence you will achieve it effectively if you have achieved self-acceptance.

We often strive to celebrate perfection. When competitions are introduced, often the only person celebrated at the end is the first-place winner, and sometimes the second and third place. Actually, each participant can be celebrated because of the success of participating. Just the fact of concluding the competition adds a level of independence and success.

To get to this authentic point of self-acceptance requires you to accept yourself as you are, with all of your authentic strengths and vulnerabilities. We each have certain gifts and talents and certain vulnerable areas. The most authentic of us recognize the vulnerable areas and connect with others who fill their gaps. First, you must know yourself. Second you must know your gaps. And third, you must know how to fill the gaps. That’s self-acceptance and phenomenal positioning for the rest of your life!

Are you interested in filling your gaps? Do you want to raise your level of independence? Are you ready to step into maximum authenticity?

If you haven’t been able to figure out what is holding you back from meeting your objectives, let me help you ‘see’ your situation from new perspectives. Just a slight ‘tweak’ of your thoughts, what or how you communicate or the activities you are doing day-to-day, just a slight ‘tweak’ can be all you need to create massive success and define your level of independence.

Give me 60 minutes and I will show you how you can move from where you are to where you want to be. It will be a journey into your authentic path and how you can leverage it for your greatest success.

Normally these sessions are $500 – $750 each. Because you are on my list, I offer them to you for only $197. This is a limited time offer. You must secure you spot by end of day on Friday, July 14 or this offer goes away.


With Love, Authenticity and Self-Acceptance,


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