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Have You Ever Been to a Masquerade?


Decades ago I began to see life as a masquerade. It seemed  as if everywhere I went I could see inside of people, their depth and compassion, and I also saw how they were not stepping into their true selves. They were wearing one or more masks. I made a vow to not wear a mask but instead to always be authentic.

I didn’t realize that making such an innocent request would turn out to be such a monumental task. You see, all of us have trouble with authenticity from time to time. Whether we have studied it or not, it is easy to slip into the pattern of not trusting yourself or listening to your inner voice.

It’s important to remember to always be true to self. I can tell when my truth is slipping when I find myself saying ‘Dang, I knew I should have…’ No matter how I finish the sentence, it’s an indication to me that I have been allowing my ego to lead rather than my inner voice and it’s time to slow down and make adjustments.

I hope you are making adjustments too.


Two Events This Week

I am so excited to be a part of a new, visionary project that my friend and colleague, Devorah Spilman, has created! This is a free interview series and its goal is to find your purpose, tell your story and launch your project! It’s called: The InStory Path To Purpose Project: Find Your Purpose. Tell Your Story. Launch Your Project.

When you go to sign up, you’ll hear from visionary teachers, thought leaders, authors, shamanic practitioners, coaches, artists, astrologers, enlightened entrepreneurs and more, including me, who are passionate about helping you to go deep to discover your purpose and tell your story so you can find your unique path and make a powerful difference in this world.

Here’s that link again where you can SIGN UP to join us for free starting November 21st.



The ‘No Regrets’ Challenge Will Help You Live with Authenticity!

You’ve reserved your seat haven’t you? Tickets are selling fast. This event can change your life.

Here’s some of the comments I received from the most recent audience that heard my message:

“Your personal story is an example of success in spite of hurdles.”
“The fact that you left your home to get on your God path really resonated with me.”
“Your message spoke to my soul. I now have a purpose.”
“Your message was extremely relevant and applicable to my life.”
“In a relatively short presentation, your system resonated to help me identify where I can be more authentic.”
“This was very valuable to me because it made me think about fulfilling the desires I have for me and not see it as being selfish.”
“I have been blessed by Norma’s authenticity. She led me through a safe process that allowed me to look at myself honestly.”
“The reminder to tweak just one thing brings an avalanche of positive changes. I am grateful.”
“I realized that I am not as authentic as I thought; however, I know where to start making changes to become more authentic.”
“Thank you for your self-awareness and showing us how to peel back the onion.”

These are just a few of the comments from a one-hour presentation. Imagine how you will be touched by attending this event next Saturday.

November 18  *  10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Vision Theater, Leimert Park
3341 W. 43rd Street  *  Los Angeles
$10 in advance, $15 at the door
Questions – 323-734-7144

Register at

With Love and Authenticity,


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