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Have you Ever Wondered, Why Bother?



Have you ever asked yourself, why bother?

This was a question I asked myself many times when I was a child. I didn’t understand life and wondered why adults did some of the things that they did. From what I could tell, life was a challenge, a series of problems to solve. Then, after spending years working on certain problems that may or may not have been resolved, you die. So, I wondered, why bother? If everything and everyone ends in death, why bother doing anything except cruising through to the inevitable ending?

I didn’t understand all the negative emotion that comes with life. All the turmoil, confusion, anger, arguing, insensitivity, jealousy, fighting, killing, distrust, etc., etc. that seems to be an ongoing part of the human condition.

If we all expire in the long run, why bother striving to be better, attempting to change things, getting upset when things don’t go right or even looking for love when the love relationship is eventually severed due to death or disappointment. So why bother?

I suppose this attitude was partly the result of experiencing so much pain as a child due to the hole in my eardrum, the painful medicine to stop the infection and the two years of horrific ear aches. Maybe this traumatic experience caused me to wonder ‘why bother’. Maybe it was being a creative child raised by a very traditional family and not being understood. Maybe it was because my family was not very good at communicating and whenever I asked one of my ‘why’ questions, I was shot down or viewed as a little peculiar just by the nature of my curiosity.

I don’t know the cause, I just remember having a feeling of despair when I was young, and not understanding what life was all about.

Now, decades later, I’m still not sure that I can say I know what life is all about. But I have answered the question of ‘why bother’?

We bother because being human is a true blessing. In this form, we can feel, taste, touch, see and experience.

We bother because we know that we can make a difference in the world. We bother because life is rich when other people are around and meaningful relationships abound. We bother because we were sent here to make a difference and we want to return to where we came from having successfully completed the task we were sent to complete.

We bother because we want to be authentic. We have the hope that one day we will live in a collaborative world where mutual respect is the norm.

We bother because we know that there is a bigger vision, a bigger mission, a bigger purpose and energy that directs all of us. We live within the mystery and we bother because we are part of the mystery.

We bother because we value authenticity and are optimistic that the world can to be a better place. We bother because we know we can make a difference. We bother because we care.

I bother because my task is to help as many people as possible remember why they are here and how they can authentically fulfill the task they were sent to address.

I hope that you have found your task and are aligning with it. Mostly, I hope you are past thinking about ‘why bother’ and are thinking about what you can do to make the kind of difference in the world that removes the question completely from your consciousness and replaces it with a great joy for helping others.

Here’s hoping we never have to ask the question ‘why bother’.

With Love and Authenticity,


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