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How Authentic Am I?


How Authentic Are You?

What does it really mean to live an authentic life? What happens to people who make the conscious choice to live according to the voice that leads from within? What does it mean to follow your own path? Is it hard to do? Have you done it?

Of course there are different levels of following your voice. Some people check their inner voice before making any move. They are tied to their connection and committed to it. Others listen often and have learned to balance the demands of the planet with the voice that lives within. Still others are totally devoted to a life that doesn’t necessarily include listening within. Each person can respond that they follow their voice yet there are clearly different degrees of listening and following.

Creating the ability to listen deeply increases your ability to step into the person you were born to be. That’s the place of deepest joy and satisfaction.

You can raise your satisfaction by raising your authenticity. And if you are already an advocate, you can teach authenticity to others. Start by taking the first course of Authenticity U – How Authentic Am I? It’s a video course with step-by-step instruction to take the assessment and interpret your scores. People often say that just hearing the questions poses possibilities they had never before considered. I wonder what it will do for you??


Be sure to view the video above for more details.

With Love and Authenticity,

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