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How To Change A Society


How Do You Change A Society?

For years I have asked people if they are happy with society. Not one person has ever said yes. Many of us would like to create change and we do, yet collective change is very, very difficult. Even though recorded human history is 5,000 years old, it wasn’t until the 1920’s that women could vote, 1948 when human rights were acknowledged and the 1960’s when Blacks could vote. And there are many other milestones that have taken a struggle to achieve.

We are entering an age that has the potential to be even more powerful than the 1960’s. Change is in progress. It has taken the students to help us remember the same passion that we had, many decades ago. And because of the students, it is easy to recognize just how much change is needed. Now it’s time for us, as adults, to have the courage to do what we felt when we were their age, before we found ourselves encumbered with the bill-paying, debt system that drives us all.

Please take a minute and learn how I am using my work with authenticity to elevate the respect for humanity. My goal is to infuse thousands of people with the inspiration, information and direction to be catalysts to creating a more human-centered world. No matter your area of interest in humanity, you can support the effort to build a human centered world. Your assistance is greatly appreciated!

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