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Are You Ready for Opportunities?

Even though it might seem like it, I haven’t been excited about going to China. It was just a fact in my life that would take place in the near future. Now that it is less than a week away and I have successfully finished my projects, packed within the weight requirements and have just about everything that I need, the excitement is growing.

There are times in our lives when we know a shift is coming, we can feel, sense and smell it. That’s how I feel. I know that the experience will impact me, I just don’t know how I will be impacted. I embrace it!

What’s happening in your life that you can embrace? Do you feel, sense or smell a shift taking place? Have you prepared for it? Are you ready for it to impact you?

Opportunity is all around us, all the time. The question is whether we are ready to receive it. I hope you are taking the time to prepare for your future, for those things that are expected and those that are surprise opportunities.

With Love and Authenticity,

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