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Norma T. Hollis / Authentic Path Story

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“Finding your Authentic Voice is like discovering buried treasure: the change is immediate and life-altering.”
– Norma T. Hollis

NORMA_HOLLIS_LIVE_EVENT_IN_LNorma T. Hollis has always listened to the quiet voice within and acted on it—no matter what. From her earliest childhood memories, she had a knowing that hers was a huge purpose to realize during this lifetime. At the same time, Hollis always felt misunderstood by the most influential people around her. She was born with a deeply spiritual perspective of life that was and continues to be different from most.

When she was just eight years old, Hollis, a native of Detroit, Michigan, had a cold that turned into a perforated eardrum and constant ear infections. The only remedy to the ear infections then was the topical application of what she says felt like an acid based solution. This caused traumatic pain for Hollis and led to the use of antibiotics over four decades which resulted in numerous medical problems and multiple surgeries—none of which helped close the hole in her ear.

It was ultimately the spiritual pact that she made with her maternal grandfather, a Baptist minister who prayed over her ear at age nine, that enabled the pain to subside just enough so that Hollis could lead as normal a childhood as possible. Their conversations and his prayer are what helped her see that the ear pain was an indication that there was something greater for her to “listen” to. This mystical event inspired Hollis to take the first steps on the labyrinth of her Authentic Path. While the “voice” continued guiding her, those around her were constantly attempting to lead Hollis down safer, familiar, and more traditional roads.

Hollis actually went to college to major in interior design and when her studies required more art than she was willing to learn, the “voice” instructed her to major in early childhood education. Hollis began her first career as director of early childhood programs to champion children’s welfare-believing that this was her purpose in life. Even though she continued to excel in this field, including a position where she directed a $10 million program with 31 facilities, she left this safer career track in 1995 to return to her Authentic Path, honor her childhood promise to her grandfather and keep listening to her own self-guidance system.

The idea of moving from child care professional to self-sufficient entrepreneur might have seemed like a huge leap of Faith, yet for Hollis it was a natural step and aligned with her inner voice and her grandfather’s prayer. Her first entrepreneurial venture, Speakers Etcetera, a speaker training company which she founded in 1996 and then the first ever Internet directory of black speakers called Black Speakers Online, which she launched in 2000 and expanded into a speakers bureau were, unbeknownst to Hollis, just more excellent training on the way to her authentic purpose.

Hollis became well known in the public speaking industry and is a largely sought after speaker. She is also highly regarded as a trainer of public speakers and has over 100 “protégés” around the country. Hollis also had the opportunity to personally coach and prepare Omarosa, from the hit Television show “The Apprentice,” for an independent speaking career. Hollis’ Authenticity Assessment, which she spent 30 years developing, is often compared to the Myers-Briggs personality test because it gives people a different way to look at themselves, the popularity of the assessment and its effectiveness in helping people and organizations grow.

Many wisdom building years later, Hollis is now totally in her element as an authenticity expert in the field of personal development. She has initiated an Authenticity MovementTM and is teaching others around the country about the largely misunderstood, yet life changing value of authenticity. To this day, her pursuit of clarity and truth continues to motivate Hollis in all of her endeavors, which in turn inspires everyone she encounters. Hollis is most often compared to Maya Angelou and Tony Robbins for her dynamic speaking style, passion, charisma, originality and depth. Not only is Hollis an excellent speaker, she is a “world class” intuitive listener as well.

Norma T. Hollis resides in Los Angeles, where she finds solace in between constant travel to major U.S. cities speaking about authenticity. She says she now “has all of the pieces to her puzzle together” and is passionately doing exactly what she is here to be doing. In addition to being an author, speaker and teacher, Hollis is a Labyrinth facilitator who has led thousands of people from around the U.S. on their own personal vision quests.

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