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One Thing That’s Constant is Change







When I directed Head Start programs years ago, one of the tenets of our federal regulation was to recognize that change is constant. Part of our task in working with the preschoolers served by Head Start was to help them deal with change.

From my current vantage point, I can clearly see the consistency of change. As I researched human nature for the 30 years that I developed my authenticity program, I learned a lot about change.

First I learned that at around the age of 30, the planets that surround earth are lined up just about the same way they were at the time of our birth. As a result, every 30 years is frequently a time when each of us make a change in our life. It’s like we are being born again and we must adjust to the new person we are becoming.

The first round of change generally takes place between ages 28 and 32. If you are single you get married or if married you may consider divorce. If childless you want children or maybe you want to move to a new location or job. Somewhere within is an authentic desire to change something. Some people do, some people don’t actually make a change.

The same thing happens around age 60. I have many friends in this range and I am watching the changes. Among eight of my closest friends who play cards together each month, two have moved away from California, two are moving soon and one is having health challenges and rarely gets out. That’s more than 50%.

Many other friends are getting married or getting divorced. Seems like the same kind of major changes that occur when approaching 30. There are also many minor changes that we make on a regular basis. At least we do when we are living with authenticity.

The opposite of change, from an authenticity perspective, is being on auto-pilot. When on auto-pilot we don’t even think about what we are doing. Generally, it occurs when we have been doing one thing for a long time and have developed a routine. It could be as simple as driving home the same way each day or hitting the snooze button the same number of times each morning.

Of course, a certain amount of routine is necessary however when the routine becomes on such auto-pilot that you don’t recognize that the routines no longer suits you, it’s time for a change.

Change is good, especially when you plan it and it unfolds as you desire. The only way that will happen is if you evaluate what is going on in your life and be comfortable with making change when it is needed.

What change is it time for you to make?

With Love and Authenticity,


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