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Remember to Dream







Do you ever get so involved with life that you forget that once upon a time you had a dream?

Most of us have a dream at some part of our life. Remember when adults asked you what you wanted to be when  you grew up? I’ve heard children answer this question with multiple careers, most of them totally unrealistic, at least by our adult standards.

But who knows. There are probably many people who grew up to be firemen, dancers, teachers and a race car driver, all at once. It’s amazing what someone can do when no one puts limits on them.

Maybe that’s what happens to dreams. We listen to so many people put limits on our dreams that we forget that we had them. Realistic and practical parents advise us to see the practical side of our dreams and convince us that we cannot become a fireman, dancer, teacher and race driver all at once. From traditional eyes this may be true. However, the eyes of a dreamer might clearly see a way to make this dream a reality.

I’m reminded of the words of Marian Wright Edelman about three decades ago. During this time I was directing head start programs and admired Ms. Edelman who is the founder of the Children’s Defense Fund and at one time worked with Senator Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama. Marian Wright Edelman was the keynote speaker at an event I attended and I will never forget how I felt when she shared that young boys no longer say ‘when I grow up”. Instead, they say “if I grow up”.

I was a bit shaken by these words when I heard them . Now, with all that has transpired since then, I clearly understand why this is the attitude of manty black boys in America.

I’m also reminded of one of my original clients in 1996, a former teacher whose message was that young children no longer dream. There is so much focus on survival in the lives of many young children that the concept of dreaming or even considering that life can be different, is beyond the scope of imagination.

What did you dream in your youth? Is it the same dream you had as a young adult? What do you dream now? It’s so easy to forget your dream in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of life. And some dreams are difficult to accomplish so it’s easy to see how some people abolish their dream long before it has a chance to become reality.

I hope you will remember your dream. If you have gotten off your path of dream fulfillment, I encourage you to remember your dream. Life can become pretty mundane without the dream. Sometimes the dream is the motivation to live another day, to keep hope alive, to bring joy into your life.

As you reconnect with your dream, remove any limits you have put on your life and help those in your life, especially the younger generation who look up to you. Encourage them to remember and keep pursuing their dream. It’s an authentic way to maintain joy and purpose in life.

With Love and Authenticity,


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