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Root Canal, Part 2








Last month one of my newsletters was about the root canal that I was told I needed. Since then I have learned more than I ever expected to know about teeth, root canals and how the aging process affects teeth. I hope what I share today will educate you as it has me. I would also like your feedback at the end, if you have something to share.

It started with a phone call, the night the newsletter was sent about root canals, from a friend who encouraged me not to have the root canal. She sent me several links to read about how the bacteria from a root canal seeps into your blood stream and can cause major health problems in both the short and long term. I had a similar email the next day from another reader of my emails.

This sent me on a two-week journey of contacting dentists both locally and in Tijuana to learn about my options. I was reminded about biologic dentists which are in the dental field, the same as naturopathic doctors in the medical field. Biologic, (also call holistic) dentists, are the ones who remove mercury from your teeth and exchange them for fillings of a more biological nature. There is certain protocol these dentists use such as putting a rubber dam over your mouth to reduce the chance of your swallowing bacteria. Some of these dentists use ozone therapy to promote healing or a Vitamin C IV drip after the procedure to boost your immune system.

I’ve had two biologic dentists in the past and both of them moved their practice and I could not find another. Now there are many options in Los Angeles to choose from. I called several of them to learn more and even had the opportunity to speak with two biologic dentists.

With the information that I read and heard, I kept vacillating between having the root canal and having the tooth extracted. Since the tooth was calcified and not infected, I didn’t have to worry about the bacteria problem. The tooth in question is #18 which is the last molar on the bottom of my left side. (There would have been one more if I still had my wisdom tooth but that was removed a long time ago.)

After much research, I found a dentist I felt I could trust to do the root canal using biologic protocol. Only thing is my insurance would not cover this dentist and the total cost with the root canal and crown would exceed $3,000. Ouch!! I kept researching and finally found an appropriate dental office that could use my insurance and reduced the cost significantly.

This dentist found the next problem. The tooth has a huge crack and the protocol for cracked teeth is extraction. The good part of this is the price is under $200. Yeah. The bad part is that I would no longer have a bottom molar to eat with unless I had an implant.

Then the dentist shares that extraction is not an option because I use medication for osteoporosis and sometimes when a tooth is extracted from someone taking this medication, it never heals and the jaw gets totally messed up. Not a good idea, especially for someone who speaks professionally.

After discussion with colleagues, the dentist told me that I have not been on the medication long enough for the jaw issue to be a problem. So I am scheduled for the extraction. They also advise an implant to replace the molar that will be removed. Getting the implant not only gives me a molar to grind with but also keeps my teeth from shifting as the result of a missing tooth. Total cost $3,500. Ouch again! My appointment for the extraction is not until June 1, so I have a month to decide if I want the implant or not.

This brings me to the question I want to ask you. Have you had an implant or know anyone who has? What has been the experience? I’ve done some research and read more pros than cons. However, I am not excited to put a foreign object in my body. If my teeth shift that will take several years, however as a senior citizen I’m not that concerned about the shifting, although maybe I should be?? If you have an opinion, I’d love to hear it!

Thanks for your feedback!

With Love and Authenticity,




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