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Root Canals








Today’s post is late and it is my fault. This morning I’ve been pondering what to do about my tooth.

I woke up last Friday with a pain in one of my lower left molars. By the end of the day I decided to go to the dentist thinking that I had a cavity. To my surprise the dentist said it was likely a problem with the shifting of my bite. Evidently, as we age the bones and structure of our teeth changes too.

The dentist looked at my problem tooth and declared that it was not a cavity. He said he could relieve the pain by drilling the tooth down a bit so that when I did chew, the teeth were coming together properly. He did this without having to numb me and when I bit down, the pain was greatly reduced. I thought this was wonderful and that my concern about a cavity was nothing more than the need to slightly drill down teeth that didn’t fit my mouth any longer. YAY!

Then as I was leaving he quietly said that drilling down the tooth would hopefully solve the problem and that hopefully I would not need a root canal.

The next two days were not too bad but on Monday, I found myself using pain killers all day long. On Tuesday I did the same then I finally realized that the pain wasn’t going away. If the problem was only an issue with my bite, the pain would have subsided by Monday morning. But it had not, so another call to the dentist.

Right now, I am getting a few things done before I leave for the dentist in about an hour. Maybe I’ll be surprised during this visit and learn that a root canal is not necessary. But I doubt it. I think I’m in for a root canal before the day is over. UGH!

The way my mind works, I seek to relate the things that go on unexpectedly in my life with those things that are going on as planned, or at least as much as I can. The expected root canal experience is no different.

I have shared a little about the transition I am going through now. I’m taking all my previous work with speakers, personal development and raising authentic children – taking all of the information and turning them into an online training course. Look for an announcement in the next few weeks.

It’s like I’m taking the root of my past and converting it to something new. Reinventing myself.

That’s kind of what a root canal is. All the infection of the old tooth is moved out and replaced with a new crown that has a new appearance. You cannot recognize the old tooth by itself, you must know the tooth by its location and how it produces, not by how it looks.

That is well aligned with the adjustment I am making to the business I do and how I do it. Having the root canal and the repositioning occur at the same time is a confirmation to me. I read the communication of the Universe through things like this and it happens all the time.

As I recover from the root canal that I will probably have this evening, I will carve time to assess and write about the deeper meeting. By the time you read this I will be in the dentist’s chair or at home recovering or rejoicing. Either way, the pain will be removed and I will be ready for the next chapter of chewing tasty food.

I look forward to sharing the next chapter of the repositioning of my work with authenticity and beyond.

What about you? Any root canals in your future?

With Love and Authenticity,


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