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Secrets of Success – Especially for Solopreneurs





Since being an independent entrepreneur in the professional speaking industry for the past 17 years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be successful. People who choose to be independent as a solopreneur, entrepreneur or any other way, have a different journey through life than those who choose the traditional 9 – 5 full-time job route.

In a job situation, the greatest challenges are relationships with the people you work with. As an independent, you have more freedom to select the people you work with, however there are other challenges you must conquer. Four important ones are vision, mindset, strategy and implementation.

Everything begins with a vision. An independent person without a vision is like a boat that is lost on the water with no navigation system. It is possible to keep going around and around in circles. As someone who is very spiritually led, I had this challenge for many years. Just saying that ‘spirit would lead me’ was not enough. Spirit leads where your vision directs. Without vision Spirit does not know how to assist. Keep your vision close to your consciousness and constantly ‘see’ yourself with the success you seek.

This process assists your mindset. Success has a lot to do with your mindset. If you are not confident, have unresolved past issues, don’t’ recognize your potential, have a negative attitude or any other mindset that interferes with a clear vision, success will be elusive. Your vision and mindset go hand in hand. The vision gives you the ability to ‘see’ your future. Your mindset gives you the confidence to step into the future with confidence.

Vision and mindset are the set-up for your success. To make it happen you must also have a plan and a way to implement the plan. The plan offers well thought out guidance to attain success. A plan is a roadmap and gives you the structure you need to work within. When you have the structure, you can have freedom within the structure to adjust the journey as needed. The plan helps you to maintain clarity about your direction and keeps you on track.

However, without the appropriate implementation, nothing happens. Implementation puts the plan to action. It aligns the vision with the mindset with the plan. Implementation puts people in place to get the job done. Through implementation the money is made.

It takes a balanced combination of vision, mindset, plan and implementation to gain success as an independent. However, another challenge of the independent person is maintaining perspective and staying on target. This is where a mentor comes in. With an experienced person on your team who has the ability to keep you on track, you shave years off your success curve. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. The process to learn the unknown can be lengthy and expensive. This can be reduced with a mentor who has been there, done that.

If you are an independent person, I invite you to spend 30 minutes with me discussing your vision and plan. Let me give a quick assessment of your mindset and implementation plan. I mentor many successful people and I’m sure I can provide valuable information to you too. Schedule a complimentary one-on-one at www.MeetWithNorma.com. I look forward to our conversation!

With Love and Authenticity,


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