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What do You Regret?


Recently I have been talking to people about their life and how it is turning out. In the process, I’m learning the regrets that people experience. I’m finding the dialogue very interesting.

Some people regret not spending more time with family and friends. Time gets away from all of us occasionally. When we look up and realize that our children or grandchildren are a foot taller than the last time we paid attention, we realize how fast time is moving and we often wonder about how we are spending our time and if we are giving enough of ourselves to the people who are most important to us.

I’ve also heard about people who regret how much they worked. Our society is very focused on working an circulating the money that is earned. Many of us, especially in our 30’s and 40’s, focus a lot on money, sometimes as if it is the only thing that is important.

Other people regret not making the decision to be happier. Being happy is a choice, one that we can consciously make and actually have it come true. Life is so much about mindset. If you choose to be happy and look for good in every situation, life can be happy, no matter what is going on.

So, I’m wondering, what do you regret?

I’m starting to ask this question to people I am in conversation with, and I’m really curious. Do you have regrets? What are they?

Please take a moment, reply to this email and let me know what you regret. What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you first thought about while reading the newsletter. This is just a quick survey to test a hypotheses that I will share with you next week. Your response will be kept confidential.

Thanks in advance for your reply. I’m looking forward to sharing more next week.

Please send your regret(s) to

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