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What do You value?


The Importance of Values

Values are a bit tricky. We have them but often don’t know what they are.

We are born into the values of our parents and most of us carry those values throughout our childhood. Then around our 20’s, when we meet new people and get introduced to different values, we begin to question the values we were born with.

Some of us immediately change our values. Others go through decades of confusion, often without realizing that the confusion is around what we truly believe. Still others maintain the values of their parents throughout their life.

There is no right or wrong answer. The important thing is that you recognize the values that are important to you. When you do, making decisions is a lot easier because you are clear about what is important to you.

Where are you on the path to claiming your own values? If you feel some confusion in life, perhaps it is because you have not clearly identified your personal values.

Take time to think about what is really important to you. What do you spend time doing? Who do you spend time with? When you examine these you will gain clarity about the values that are important to you. It is an important step to authenticity.

If you are unclear about your values, consider purchasing the Integrity Inventory which will guide you to take inventory of what is most important to you so that you can be clear on what you value. When your values become clear, you deepen your integrity about them and open the door to a happier, more joyful and authentic life.

You can find the Integrity Inventory at

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